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      Karl is the tin whistle player and one of the lead vocalists for Ar Eigean Gael.  Prior to Ar Eigean Gael, his instrumental experience includes the Carnegie Mellon Kiltie Band and a wide range of high school music programs, including concert, jazz, and marching bands, and brass and percussion ensembles.  In addition to the tin whistle he has experience performing on a range of instruments that include the trumpet, baritone horn, vibraphone, xylophone, thunder sheet, and wind tube. In vocal work, he has been singing with the Sixth Presbyterian Choir for nearly three years and has some formal sight singing classes as well. 

      Composing music has been a hobby for him for more than thirteen years and he has a strong grounding in music theory, including several semesters of harmony and counterpoint classes at Carnegie Mellon. 

      Growing up, folk musicians such as Roger Whittaker and Raffi were a large part of his musical exposure, as well as a wide body of classical and jazz music.  These tastes combined with his interests in history, mythology, and fantasy to eventually bring him solidly into the realm of Celtic folk music. 

      Before Ar Eigean Gael and the Sixth Choir, Karl had lacked opportunities to share his musical talent for several years, though he used that time to begin to learn the tin whistle. When the opportunity to begin practicing as a band, he didn't hesitate to join Matt and Paul in forming Ar Eigean Gael.