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      Paul Giampaolo began playing the piano at age 8.  After high school he placed his music ambitions aside to pursue his college degree in computer engineering.  Years later his interest in playing the piano was renewed after seeing a Wild Geese band concert.  Inspired by their performance Matt and Paul got together one evening to play some music.  That night they discussed a new project that combines traditional Irish music with metal music.  Shortly afterwards, Metalkelt was formed.  Paul assisted Matt on the keyboards, drums and helped perform back-ground vocals for their first CD, “Fusing Tradition”.  His musical talents are reflected in several of the songs he arranged on the CD, including Loch Lomond, Star of the County Down, and Patriot Game, etc.  

      After their Metalkelt CD was completed and on the market, Matt contacted Paul to be the bass player and back-ground vocalist for another project he was co-forming with Karl Greenley.  The name of the project was “Ar Eigean Gael”.  Unlike Metalkelt the new project had an Irish Folk Rock focus.     

      Paul also serves an important role as audio engineer for the band and works closely with the sound technician to prepare the band for performances.  He is also responsible for mixing and arranging the audio instrumentation and vocals on the band’s CDs.